Prepaid Ventures Unveils Rovr Financial Management Platform


Prepaid Ventures, a leading provider of program management and payment & processing solutions, today launched ROVR – a web-based financial management portal. Showcasing a combination of financial experience and investments in technology, ROVR is an integrated technology stack that manages a range of processes, including transaction management, analytics, processing and reporting. Accelerated by the same cutting-edge technology used by major video streaming services, ROVR will provide white-labeled financial management power to its users.

ROVR offers merchants and businesses the flexibility to accept, manage and report on transactions performed within the system and is fully capable of integrating with existing software. ROVR is customizable to be both a highly reliable, durable and robust Point-of-Sale terminal, as well as a powerful financial management portal. ROVR’s online interface enables users to access:

  • Routine customer transactions – Load and unload cash
  • Direct Deposit management and form creation
  • Visa Readylink integration
  • Customized theming and user experience
  • Enrolling and verification of customer accounts
  • Multi-tiered role-based user security
  • Alert and notification management
  • Fully-customizable reporting functionality

ROVR accelerates and simplifies transactional and reporting functionality for all business types, ranging from disbursements and settlements to full-service access-point GPR cards programs. In addition, Prepaid Ventures will supplement the ROVR financial management technology with comprehensive program management, including in-house developers, IVR capability and an in-house Customer Support Center.

“Prepaid Ventures has proven experience in providing dynamic and innovative solutions to businesses not available elsewhere in the financial program management industry. The ROVR Platform is the culmination of our close watch on market trends, investments in financial technologies and the unwavering support of our clients and partners,” says Andrew Siden, CEO of Prepaid Ventures.  “This offering brings forth best-in-class, customizable technology with unrivaled program management. Financial programs powered by Prepaid Ventures and ROVR will provide the best consumer value in the industry.”