Prepaid Ventures Acquires Money Access “M.A.C” Card Operations And Fulfillment


Prepaid Ventures®, a leading provider of payment processing, program management and prepaid debit card solutions, today announced the acquisition of the Money Access “MAC” Card Visa Prepaid Card (“MAC Card”) and partnership with the JetPay® Card Services Corporation to assume operational and fulfillment responsibilities. MAC Card will be managed out of Prepaid Ventures’ New Hyde Park corporate offices. MAC Card’s existing cardholder network will be ushered into the new program at no cost.

Prepaid Ventures will issue the new MAC Card to existing and new customers, giving cardholders across the country access to a convenient and affordable direct deposit card product. In addition, the MAC Card will continue to offer two pricing options, MAC One and MAC Choice to its customers. Both card types are reloadable through thousands of retailers across the country offering Western Union®, MoneyGram® and Visa® Readylink. MAC Card will now be backed by Prepaid Ventures’ secure payments network and will boast a redesigned mobile and desktop user experience.

“We take pride in continuing to offer the unrivaled consumer value and quality that MAC Card customers have enjoyed for years,” says Andrew Siden, Chief Executive Officer of Prepaid Ventures. “We’re uniquely positioned to grow the MAC Card brand. We are very excited to provide this network increased security, better benefits and enhanced user experience, backed by award-winning customer support.”

New and existing customers of MAC Card can learn more at, or call 1-844-636-6300.

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